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  • Outrage across the UK after Broadchurchcharacter made his tea in a microwave might be misplaced, Australian researchersays, but does it pass the taste test?澳大利亚研究者说,英国人不应该对《小镇疑云》中的角色用微波炉泡茶感到义愤填膺。但是这样泡茶的味道能够通过测试么?The kettle’s days could be numbered.Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo茶壶剩下的日子不多了,图片:Alamy Stock PhotoWhen DI Hardy, played by David Tennant,made a cup of tea in the microwave during an episode of Broadchurch in March, muchof Britain was horrified.在3月播出的一集《小镇疑云》中,大卫·田纳特饰演的警探哈迪把一杯茶放进微波炉里加热,这一幕让英国观众感到震惊。But it seems that the highly unorthodoxmethod of making a cuppa could result in the best and healthiest brew.但这一似乎极其异端的方法实际上能泡出最好喝最健康的茶。Research by an Australian scientist hasfound that using a microwave to make tea activated 80% of the caffeine,theanine and antioxidant compounds – properties that are linked to lowercardiovascular disease and cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes.澳大利亚科学家发现使用微波炉加热时能够激活80%的咖啡因、茶氨酸和抗氧化物质——这些化合物能够降低患心血管疾病、胆固醇、高血压和糖尿病的风险。Crucially, the unusual method also generatedthe best taste, he found.最重要的是,科学家发现这种不寻常的泡茶方法能够产生最好的味道。“Microwavingis one of the advanced technologies to get more bioactive compounds from theproducts,” Dr Quan Vuong toldthe A.“微波是一种先进科技,可以从产物中提取到更多生物活性化合物,”Quan Vuong士告诉A。The exact method he used was this:他使用的提取手段是这样的:1. Put hot water in the cup with yourteabag.1. 倒一杯热水,把茶包浸入水中。2. Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds onhalf power.2. 把茶杯放入微波炉,用中档火力加热30秒。3. Let it sit for a minute.3. 加热完毕后再等一分钟。Vuong found that the health benefits weregreatest when drinking three cups of tea a day. Using bags or loose leaf tealed to the same result.Vuong发现一天喝三杯茶对健康最有益,用茶包或茶叶泡出的茶效果都是一样的。His research, which was conducted in 2012at the University of Newcastle, has sparked fierce debate on social media, withmany tea-lovers unable to accept the results.Vuong的研究成果在2012年诞生于纽卡斯尔大学,并在社交媒体上激起了尖锐的争论,很多爱喝茶的人都不能接受这一理论。In the interest of balance, the Guardiandecided to put the microwave method to the test.为了维护平衡,《卫报》决定试验这一微波炉泡茶法。In a blind tasting, we sampled cups ofEnglish Breakfast tea made using the usual kettle method and then brewed in themicrowave as stipulated by Vuong.在盲测中,我们提供了用传统茶壶法泡出的英国早餐茶,以及Vuong研究出的微波炉茶。No surprise that, we both preferred thetraditional method.毫不出乎意料,我们都喜欢传统方法。Bonnie Malkin and Bridie Jabour testing cupsof tea at Guardian Australia. Photograph: Jonny Weeks for the GuardianBonnie Malkin和BridieJabour在《卫报》澳大利亚分社品茶。“The real tea was much nicer by miles,” myco-taster, Bridie Jabour, said.“真正的茶的味道要好出几十条街,”跟我一同参加品茶试验的Bridie Jabour说。“I take my tea black but there was almost acreamier quality and it had a more complex flavour. I felt I was enjoying allthe notes in tea that were on offer, while the microwave tea seemed to lose alot of its tea-ness to be almost tea flavoured water,” she said.“我的茶泡得有点浓,但是它几乎像奶油一样顺滑,味道更加丰富。我觉得我在享受茶里所有的风味,而微波炉茶似乎太没有茶味了,不如说它更像带茶味的水,”她说。“The microwave tea tasted quite thin, notquite weak but there was no robust flavour there.”“微波炉泡的茶味道太淡,虽然不是淡到过分,但是没有一种浓厚的风味在里面。”I felt the normal tea was simply hotter,richer and far better.我发现传统方法泡的茶更热,味道更醇,更好喝。I don’t know about the physical healthbenefits, but I felt a bit depressed drinking the microwave one.我不知道微波炉茶的健康功效,我只是在喝它的时候有点沮丧。While the science may be in, it is unlikelyto be the end of a debate that has raged through the ages.尽管科学也加入到其中,但似乎并不能终结关于泡茶方法的贯穿古今的争论。“The best manner of making tea is thesubject of violent disputes,” George Orwell wrote in his essay on how tomake the perfect cup in 1946 - thesame year the microwave was invented.“最好的泡茶方法一直是激烈争论的主题,”乔治·奥威尔1946年在一篇关于如何泡出好茶的文章里写道——就在那一年人类发明了微波炉。 /201704/504512。
  • But we never do anything... How about talking a romantic walk?但我们什么事情都还没做呢……一次浪漫散步怎么样啊?Cathy realizes it was a bad idea to get into a relationship with an ordinary stick凯蒂意识到与一根普通的木棍谈恋爱是个坏主意 /201702/490483。
  • A talented teenage girl has an incredibly risky make-up routine - that involves applying her eyeliner with a KNIFE. And the danger doesn#39;t stop there for the youngster.一名天赋异禀的女孩有一项令人难以置信的、极具风险的化妆程序--用刀画眼线,而危险并没有让这名年轻人停下来。Anamika Kothari, 14, uses her knee to hold onto the blade before she dips it black kajal to apply her eyeliner. Her flexibility and steady hand has even earned her a stint on India#39;s Got Talent.年仅14岁的印度女孩Anamika Kothari可以用自己的膝盖托住刀,然后用刀尖蘸黑色眼线液来画眼线。她的柔韧性以及稳定的手让她在印度的《达人秀》里声名大噪。Anamika, who lives in Ajmer in Rajasthan, northern India, said: ;I#39;m usually a shy and conservative person.;住在印度北部拉贾斯坦邦阿杰梅尔的Anamika说道:“通常我很保守害羞。”;I never wanted to be famous but I love performing tricks now. It#39;s a real buzz doing this trick. I want to keep pushing myself and perform lots of challenging yoga positions.;“我从来没想过出名,但是我现在喜欢表演这项绝技,做这项技能确实可以出名。我想要继续鞭策自己,表演许多富有挑战性的瑜伽动作。”Anamika began learning yoga just two years ago. Her father and trainer, Narendra Kumar Kothari, 35, has been determined to give his children a talent in life after he was forced to quit school with no prospects.Anamika学瑜伽仅仅两年,她今年35岁的爸爸Narendra Kumar Kothari是她的教练,在他被迫退学、毫无前景后,他不得不让自己的孩子学习一项技能。He said: ;My parents didn#39;t have enough money to educate me or nurture any of my talents. But my children will not suffer the same. I#39;m determined to make sure they#39;re a success in everything they do.;他说道:“我的父母没有足够的钱来供我上学或者培养我的技能,但是我的孩子不会步我的后尘,我要保他们在他们从事的任何领域中有所建树。”After experimenting with a variety of stunts Anamika decided to try and achieve something exceptional. ;I saw something similar online,; she said. ;So I adapted it a little and came up with this stunt. It was risky at first but I took it slow. Now it#39;s fun.;在尝试过一系列绝技后,Anamika决定尝试完成一些特别的东西。“我在网上看见一些类似的东西,”她说,“所以我做出了一些改变,想出了这个绝技,最开始很危险,但是我慢慢的做,现在很有趣。”Last year, she even made it on India#39;s Got Talent with her eye-watering stunt. ;My friends got jealous when I appeared on TV,; she said. ;They avoided me at school. But when more people came to know about my talents my popularity grew. My friends quickly came back. I#39;m ok with it, it#39;s life.;去年她甚至在印度的《达人秀》上表演了她的画眼线绝技。她说道:“我的朋友嫉妒我出现在电视里。他们在学校躲着我,但是随着越来越多的人知道我的绝技,我的人气也逐渐增长,我的朋友也迅速地回到我身边,我对此没有意见,这就是生活。”She#39;s won several medals and certificates at national level but the dream is to be world famous and break world records. But more importantly show India – a country that values males more than females - that #39;girls are as good as boys#39;.她已经赢得了几枚国家级的奖牌以及书,她梦想闻名世界,打破世界纪录。不过更重要的是,她要向印度明(一个比起女性更重视男性的国家)女孩和男孩一样优秀。 /201703/499328。
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